Questions You Might Have

How do I submit? Send your before and after photos together with any other information you want to include (your name, your age, your location, the reason for the all-nighter, anything you think is important) to . Make sure the photos meet tumblr’s photo requirements (

What do I submit? This tumblr is partly inspired by Nicolai Howalt’s photo series of boxers before and after a match: . With this series in mind, I have a set of guidelines for your photographs: 1. Take the first photograph as close as possible to the moment in which you decide you are going to have an all-nighter, or as close as possible to when you wake up on the day of the all-nighter itself. 2. Take the second photograph as close as possible to when you finally go to sleep after having stayed up all night. 3. Be wearing the same clothes in both photos. 4. Keep your face relaxed into a neutral expression for both photos. 5. Take the photos “mugshot style,” that is, with your face centered and looking into the camera. 6. Take both photos in front of the same background, with the same lighting.

Why should I submit? I don’t know about you, but whenever an artist asks me to participate in something like this I usually get pretty paranoid. What does the artist “want” from me? Am I going to become some kind of “tool” for the realization of their intent? Am I going to become part of the resume of work with which they try to convince art galleries and graduate programs that they are an artist? Why is everybody trying to convince me to put more and more of my personal information on the internet?

I recently pulled an all-nighter for the first time in a while (it sucked), and the next day a lot of people commented on how worn-out I looked. I wondered if this worn-out look was obvious to everyone or if it went unnoticed by those who weren’t paying attention to me.

I find the human face pretty fascinating. There are so many faces, and not even identical twins have the exact same face. Every face is different, not only from other faces but also from itself, from the different moments in which it exists. Within all this difference, however, is the recognizable sameness of certain responses: a smile, a frown, or a worn-out look.

I am not encouraging you to make a regular practice of all-nighters. They are unhealthy. If you feel the need to have one, however, and if you have a camera, then I am asking you to help me in documenting the difference-within-sameness of the human face, not only in relation to itself but in relation as well to the faces of all other humans. Thank you.